Sunday, 21 April 2019

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Reporting changes of circumstances

You must inform the job centre immediately if your circumstances change, ie. If you (or your partner)

  • Do any paid, or unpaid work or voluntary work
  • Get a job or become self employed
  • Start living with someone, get married, form a civil partnership, dissolve a civil partnership or separate
  • Get a place on a training programme or start full or part time education
  • Get a personal pension or a pension from a previous employer
  • Change your address or are going away from home, even if it is for a day
  • Are involved in a trade dispute
  • Change your account for your Jobseekers Allowance payments
  • Are ill or have to take care of someone or cannot take a job for any other reasons
  • Have a child that leaves school
  • Have someone come to live in your house or someone who was living in your house leave
  • Change the amount of savings
  • If the person you are claiming Jobseekers allowance for gets a job or goes into hospital or a nursing home, you must contact the job centre immediately